#INTERNETGHETTO  started as a passion project of Hyperboloid Records and we are now one of the constant developing platforms for up and coming music producers from Russia and all over the world. #INTERNETGHETTO has very freeform programming and often includes premieres of other labels’ music together with free singles and “name your price” releases. We are interested in the process of creation of the new sounds, constantly shapeshifting and evading genre definitions, vaguely described as bass and experimental electronic music.



Dance, Electronic

Daysailer – Xinhui Garden

Max Dahlhaus – Artificial Prodigy (Born In Flamez Remix)

Пайта & Проделки Больной Головы – Русский Лес Даб

Koloah – New Earth Born

Pixelord – DOS

Polo Lilli – Trust

Dispodant – Warehouse

Pixelord – Fx Twin

Allone – Jungle Battle

Net Gala – Reclaim it

Razmiel – AQAD

Gabber Eleganza, Hdmirror – frozen dopamina

Wheez-ie – Boil Yer

Dj Skype – Cutty’s Dill Dish

Rkeat – NOID

Andria – Summoning, Loading

Cuban Chamber of Commerce – Ping 900 (Warrego Valles Remix)

Ani Klang – Virtual Self (Ani Klang No-Nonsense Club Refix)

Mutant joe – Silk Gore

Evian Christ – Waterfall

Moma Ready – The Influence Of

ThugWidow – Post Modern Assault Ethics

Miss Jay – Fantasy

Kenta204 – Aww

Dj David Goblin – Un1ted

TK-33 – Live (Broosnica remix)

Kiddy.wav – Give it to me

Ziyiz – ZiyiziyiziyiziyiZ

Ghetto25 – ShowTL

Mincy – Cute Thing


Cobrah – IDFKA

Ophex – 324

Harmful Logic – guillt complex

Alex Index – Bakken tool (FoxMind re-tool)

Lokane – Body Double (VIP mix)

Personalbrand – EXIGENCY (with Szu Hsien)

KAVARI – Essence Remains


Lost Armor – At Gunpoint

 Abadir – III

 silént phil – 2011

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