Onsy is an electronic and IDM music producer based in Cairo, Egypt. Onsy began his career experimenting a variety of genres and styles ranging from the generic techno, electronic, and experimental ambient while considering things such as sound crafting, sound design and spectrums, rather than just composition, melody and arrangement. Artwork by Rabbitcat



Dance, IDM, Experimental

Loraine James – London Ting-Dark As Fuck ft Le3 Black

PNGWNG – nt2t dam (prod.lava dome)

Death Grips – Double Helix

COACH WASH – Death Rave

COACH WASH – Triplet Lightning Shank

Renick Bell – Knowing When Not To Persist

Kindohm – 073

Ice Eyes – Maps of despair (ABADIR Remix)

Ice Eyes – Vektor

SlikBack – Faza

Zuli – Trigger Finger

Special Request – Broken Dreams

Logos – wut it do (feat. mumdance)

Warlock – warlock pistols at dawn bass

Aphex Twin – meltphace 6

Squarepusher – north circular

Current Value – Hitman

Paradox – curse of coincidence

Seba – Piemo for b

Venetian Snares – Aqap

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