This is #INTERNETGHETTO at with the monthly show. We play our favourite music, including tracks premiered on our soundcloud, #INTERNETGHETTO releases and some forthcoming music on Hyperboloid Records. In the second part of the show we welcome our guest, data drain, he is the young producer from Russia known for their label Researchcore, that we recommend if you like melodic ethereal music with quality beats. data drain has prepared an hour long mix with mostly Researchcore releases both out now and forthcoming.



Bass, Drum & Bass, Juke

Daysailer – Solace Upon Thames

Action Sports – Wi-Fi 99

Hada – Tooth

tumy – Mourning Clouds

Bad Zu – ???

Net Gala – Alternet

Digitonica – I was wrong

Fisky – Prometheus

Sam Interface – Pink Dolphins

Kiddy.Wav – Give It 2 Me

Dance System x Hugo Paris – Concern

Baje Nunca – CHAOS 21

Ani Klang – The Problem = (A.Fruit Remix)

XI-N – 0090q

Rouborgen – Pure Speed

DJ Traytex – Cloud 9

Broosnica – Emotions (3XPERIENCE remix)

silént phil, SIQMENT.HIDDEN, DEAD XICE, data drain, gurtle – Enter The Facility

data drain, gurtle – anomaly clubbb

RareFlora, silént phil – Unreleased (soon via RESEARCHCORE)

data drain, afterworldfiend – Unreleased

RareFlora – Unreleased (soon via RESEARCHCORE)


data drain – Raw Energy Rig

data drain – Time Warp Device

SIQMENT.HIDDEN, data drain – S-03CC-MER

silént phil – 1111 (SIQMENT.HIDDEN Rebuild)

data drain, afterworldfiend, sendai data – k-gen (data went drained bootleg)

Harmful Logic, DJ Kuroneko – B With XTC

Mist – Smart Systems (Wipeout Pulse OST)

data drain – oblivion tech industries

data drain, gurtle – xploits

Extence – Refinenment

drainpuppet, powerdoll – Slip Away

Charlie XCX – I Finally Understand (husky flip)

Skrillex – Ragga Bomb (Teddy Killerz Remix)

zircon & Jonathan Peros – Ethical Constraints Removed (System Shock Remastered OST)

cEXXO2N – AAA PWRline (ver. K9999)

cdata drain – destruction manual

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