The Egyptian duo is back with their NOIZ rituals!!! In this show Noiztatic invites Sophie Zhamurely from Tiblisi , for 30 mins guest mix , under her music project Saahiwa, focusing on ritual experimental music, with elements of experimental techno and dark ambient.



Dark Ambient, Drone, Noise

Veronica Moser – The Levin Aftermath

Pact Infernal – Transmutation

Second Spectre – Absolution

Tullia Benedicta – Oval

WSR – Descent

Asifeh and Firas Shehadeh – Shadow Unit

Kerridge – Sonic Instruments of War #01

The Undertaker’s Tapes – Roughless Politics (Blime Dust Version)

Ontal – Ikari (Headless Horseman Remix)

Blime Dust – Come To Life (The Undertaker’s Tapes Version)

Surreal East – Svanuri Nana (Unreleased)

O Saala Sakraal – Apokatastasis  (Cyclic Law)

Unhuman – ACT I  (Liber Null Berlin)

Pagan Blood Rituals (Matriarchy Roots Remix) (Strange Therapy)

Ayarcana – Direct Realism (OMEN Recordings)

Antechamber – Repudiation (HORO)

Second Tension – Waist And Bleed (Monolith Records)

DiNT – Skewer (ANFS Remix)

Nigh_T_Mare – Evocative Regression (Voidance Records)

Aux Field – Corridor

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