katharsis is a label founded by the copenhagen-based artist jjjacob in the spring of 2020 focusing on emotionally charged musicAfter two months summer break, katharsis returns to www.ma3azef.live with two hours of emotional release through music. In this episode, jjjacob starts out with mostly new releases from the ambient scene with a few detours, followed by a beautiful and mesmerizing set by Happy New Tears.



Ambient, Cleansing, Emotional

Giant Claw – Until Mirror (feat. Tamar Kamin)

Laughing Hands – Annuciation

Florian T M Zeisig – VIII

IRENA; Vojtech Havlovi – Radek 2


Steve Hauschildt – Transience of Earthly Joys

Ssaliva – Why Me

Sun Genam – Pinski4ex

Obsequies – Consumed

Mr. Mitch – Proud

500 & ANIMA – You Are a VERY Radiant Star

Dylan Henner – I Was Reading the News but I Felt so Sad I Had to Stop

Thoden – Specialist (Perko Remix)

Ancher – Corbeille

Sam Gendel – Sustain

Samuel Organ –             Wow

Ulla – Leaves and Wish

Simo Cell & Abdullah Miniawy – Sama (Learning How To Fly)

Rich Xit – V-I

jjjacob – Claviceps Purpurea

ELCA – Defibrillation

jjjacob – Mother of Sirens

Cuban Chamber of Commerce – Luz

Himera – Here

Naemi – Sugar Hiccup

0comeups – With Light You Lead Me

Anima – New Existential Flight Mechanism

Detente – I Pass By

Bambi – Bliss Song

Fetva – “Blinding Lights” but you’re waking up in a tent at the festival during fetva’s morning set and went to have some water

DJ Lostboi – All The Clouds Disturbed

Himera – Please Remember To Breathe

Ange Halliwell – Luciole

Kali Malone – Sacrificial Code II

Anima – Glad U Came

Escha – Into The Nothingness Of Scorn And Silence

Torus – Descend In Chains

G1rl – Westfield (Malibu Rework)

Bod [包家巷] – They Told Me Sleeping Alone Builds Character

Detente – Song Of Songs

Ity – Exosphere

X/o – Angel In Ruins

Viancy’s Attic – Gods Favorite

Bénédicte – Glass Test

Emily Glass – Q-Pid

Himera – Here

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