60 mins of Experimental Rituals, Noise, Industrial & Techno KILLERS (From 120 to 150 BPM). Noiztatic is an electronic music project founded by music producers Amr el Abiad and Khaled Weshahy hailing from Alexandria, Egypt, exploring the dark regime of electronics. Swiveling between drone, industrial and techno territories, their sounds are designed and structured to reflect all the discomfort and aggressiveness within.



Industrial Techno, Noise, Drone

Lucy – Dissonance Emancipation (Original Mix)

Mahmoud Lahbib – Mani Wlaydek

Pact Infernal – Infernality

Killawatt – Kingston Krak

NO/ON – Wafat

ANFS – Salepsa

Maenad Veyl – Unhealed

Years Of Denial & Alexey Volkov – Confess

Kinlaw & Franco Franco – Eric Draven

Surit – Bureaucracy Against The Joy Population (Original)

Ossa Di Mare & In Half Light – Tallnyet (Pessimist Remix Mix)

Aya Metwalli – Matkhafsh Menni

Uun – Cuneiform

UVB – Envolée Lyrique

Blac Kolor – New Leader

Nico Moreno – Overwhelm

Nico Moreno – Sadistic Girl

Torn Relics – Clear As Ethanol

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