#INTERNETGHETTO  started as a passion project of Hyperboloid Records and we are now one of the constant developing platforms for up and coming music producers from Russia and all over the world. #INTERNETGHETTO has very freeform programming and often includes premieres of other labels’ music together with free singles and “name your price” releases. We are interested in the process of creation of the new sounds, constantly shapeshifting and evading genre definitions, vaguely described as bass and experimental electronic music. In this show we will play a special guest mix by silént phil.



Dance, Electronic

TK-33 – Soundboy


Pixelord – FX Twin

DJ CP – Out Da Kut

Pixelord – NFT Acid

Belk – System Override

Pixelord – Drumvox



Anthony1 – The sky above the ground

Famitsu – In the Dawn

acounta, Petal Supply & DJ Kuroneko – Love 2 You

Pixelord – Hashtag

silént phil, personalbrand – ID

silént phil, RareFlora – ID

acounta, NAVO & UNIT KAI – embryo

SNKLS, silént phil – Rings

silént phil, Undrwght – ID

silént phil – Afterlife

silént phil, RareFlora – ID

Sam Gellaitry – Business

DJ Neytiri, silént phil – ID

RareFlora, silént phil – Embrace

silént phil – ID

silént phil, Ecdysis – ID

silént phil, Indigoblue – ID

Murlo – Breeze

silént phil, JJ Verne – ID

silént phil – ID

deadmau5 – Bleed

silént phil, Undrwght – ID


Indigoblue – Reminiscent Stitch

Digitalism – Miami Showdown

Famitsu x Wutine – Lapwings

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