60 mins of Industrial grungy techno sounds starting from 120 bpm ending with145 bpm.



Industrial Techno, EBM, Noise

Alberich – Upper Mountains

Killawatt – Champagne Prerogative

Unhuman – Fire Rash Peeling

Ancient Methods –Trepaneringsritualen Der Schmied

T_error404 – Prophecy

Tomohiko Sagae – Defensive Pessimism

New Frames – Mumiae

New Frames – Grond

Kerridge – Sonic Instruments of War #02

Headless Horseman – Sand Mountain

Scalameriya – Havoc & Despair

Rommek – Haraka Haraka

Maltash – Fuck Your Agenda

Swarm Intelligence – Deepfake

Tommy Four Seven – Colony (Parrish Smith Remix)

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