This new piece is a synth ambient mixtape based mainly on the melodic, emotional and nostalgic climaxes generated during the trance and acid 90s tracks. I started to feel attracted to many new music projects that took certain elements of this culture as a starting point to develop a new sound within the ambient club. Yantan Ministry is an experimental composer, live musician and DJ. Recognisable by mercuriality and eclectic movements, their work permeates a keen interest in complexity and the emotional body. Ever present suggestions of their inclinations are brought in motion by their stepping outside the frame to highlight a riddle, to create feelingly and work within mythical space. 



Ambient, Synth, Trance, Experimental

Bungalovv (00:00 — 31:12)

some wind

Lokey – Inverse – dnbless

Bénédicte – Glass Test

Krymeareaver – morning starzz

Contacto – Into the Light (Out of the Night)

Yaera – Elavoko 1

ava* – Return to Shore

Oklou – Girl on my Throne

Krymeareaver – Vapour inst.

Detente –  Candles In The Wind

Evian Christ – Ultra (Yung Sherman Remix)


krymeareaver – X _GAMES


Bamboo Mystics – Pelog Baru

HADA – Tooth

Yantan Ministry (31:12 — 60:00)

Heard Em Say – Leikeli47

Savage Anthem – PARTYNEXTDOOR (snip)

Respond – R+R=NOW

Too Fast No Pain – Ouri, mobilegirl

The Humming – Enya (snip)

Return of the Whale Ship Essex – Sitar Outreach Ministry

Lakeshore – Oxhy

Red Cloud – Erik Truffaz (snip)

Ebb Rise / Gloria_Tagaq – YM

Crossroads – Don McLean

Hurrian Ha – Oldest Unknown x Why Be (YM edit)

Call of Duty ft Boli & Jsw (live) – ri

Almost Doesnt Count w Rugrats Theme – E DJ Edit

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