For the next episode of monthly show on, Russian label Neoplasm invites one of team members millennialrain, who prepared mix with recent works from its label and some ambient music.

St. Petersburg


Ambient, Experimental

Mori Mori — nebula

Mori Mori — active life

Mori Mori — sugar

Vegyn — Like a Good Old Friend

Morning Prayer

Eartheater – Metallic Taste of Patience

Simon Goff – Murmur

Ulla Anona – Moon

Something Other Than Remaining

The Lake (Ambient Reprise)

Otik – Neuron Blossom

Steve Hauschildt – Ecce Reverie

Steve Hauschildt – Already Replaced

Dylan Henner – I Was Reading the News but I Felt so Sad I Had to Stop

Pavel Milyakov – solstice 2020

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