In a two-hour mix “building around my renewed obsession with the music of VOX PoPuLi! surrounded by old favorites and new discoveries to cool down in the current heatwave.” – Marc Richter And coinciding with our latest co-release with Dekorder ‘Alkisah Versi Hitam’ by Senyawa vs Black To Comm. BLACK TO COMM is the moniker of Hamburg composer/musician Marc Richter who is creating intricate multi-layered collage based works for labels like Thrill Jockey, Type and Dekorder. His 2019 album “Seven Horses For Seven Kings” revealed an increasingly angry, transcendental and fearless approach, attaining new levels of urgency through noise, volume, rhythm, repetition, atonality and beauty.



Ambient, Cold Wave, Industrial

Alice Kemp – Violet Sea II

Egisto Macchi – L’Eco Delle Gole

Jéricho – Alleluia

VOX PoPuLi! – Opium

Graeme Miller & Steve Shill – A Long Paleness

John Duncan & Stefano Pilia – The Reprisal

VOX PoPuLi! – Echreman

Christian Wolfarth – Cabin No.9 : Remix by Rashad Becker

Manon Anne Gillis – Nuprium

Christian Zanési – Marseille 2

Ōgon Batto – &

Richard Truhlar – Oceans Fall Through Fire

Gérard Manset – Revivre

Peter Hammill – Jargon King

Étant Donnés – Déjà Le Blé Pleure Son Désespoir

VOX PoPuLi! – Gachtam

Cerberus Shoal – Asphodel

François Bayle – Vibrations composées — Première série – Respiration

James Ginzburg – the eyes, behind —

himukalt – social anxiety #1

Mario Marzidovšek – Untitled

VOX PoPuLi! – Miss October

Graham Lambkin-Jason Lescalleet – The Breadwinner

Gaute Granli – Bonden

Karel Appel – Poème Barbare

David Toop – Automatic Security Procedures

Alice Kemp – Strict Mother In A Pale Hallway

VOX PoPuLi! – De La Cohorte Mystique

Abigail Mead – Ruins

David Toop – Ill-Faced Doll (Aozamenta Omozashi Ni Katadorare)

Anne Gillis – Monetachek

H.N.A.S. – Günters Rache

Black To Comm – Selten gehörte Hausmusik

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