NAJIB is a Moroccan Producer and Dj based in Brussels (Belgium). He will soon release his first EP, on an Imprint in Leipzig //HUMAN// as well as a track in a various artist compilation on Chanoirs. He is interested in a music of “chaos” with rhythms permeating different cultures by confronting them with each other. He establishes stability in disorganisation and creates a dystopian vision of his world allowing a continuous questioning of himself .



Leftfield, Deconstructed Club

 Bedouin Burger – Ya Man Hawa – يا من حوى

 De Grandi – unreleased track

ABADIR – 2030 [Nashazphone]

Ploy – Molotov

Druid – Cyber Time Crisis (Margari’s Kid Remix)

Michael Aurelius – Broken Fangs(ft Millia Rage)

J Sliwa – Believer

Clouds –  Cuthak (Otherworld)

Biga Yut X Debmaster – Musamavu

Michael Aurelius – Twisted Rope

klahrk & roxas & katt – hypertension

Laughing Ears – Buona Fortuna

Uppe’ntra – Lust (Klahrk Reeemix)

Emily Glass – Uvula

oldyungmayn – ELdwar

Maoupa Mazzocchetti – Sceptre Chases Away Shadows

ZULI — Keen Demag


Andria – Summoning, Loading

Slikback & Hyph11E – MUSHEN

Klahrk & CITYTRONIX – Plastic Womb

MVRK – Cortex

2x Wings – (Kattie Remix)

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