Chams, vocalist and producer from France, running the Abîme label. “Chams’ mix is mainly a display of exclusive tracks that will soon be released on our label Abîme. As to My Sword guest mix, it sounds exactly like his music, sensitive but strong, dissonant but emotional”.



Dance, Experimental, Club, Ambient

Hajj ft. Chams – Don’t follow me I’m falling

Escha & Ytem – Drill FR 4

Gil – Storm Petrel

Lil Asaf ft. Dallar – Nasiii

Ytem – Eco

Ptwiggs – Forever is not enough

Lag Switch – Plenilune

Escha & Ytem – On deck

Fauness – Am I Ready

Joji – Pretty boy

Flagalova – Like nothing

Per-Sonat – Kein Höhers lebt noch schwebt

Satoru Kosaki – Moonlit Wilderness

Europa – Dreamcutter

Whiterose – ridX/drown (feat. BASILISK)

Artjom – When I See It. I Don’t See It.

P I T, myen & migu – Sculpting Mycelium.mkv

Kamixlo x Estoc – Error

Meishi Smile – Belong


Cole Longanecker – The Lantern Sways (feat. Digiaches & Tuchscreen)

Emily Glass – Scribble Machine

Hyph11E – Barnacles


The Medieval Ensemble Of London – La harpe de melodie

7038634357 – Afterall

Yen Tech – II

ARANYAL – tejido plateado

nunu – that’s a rack ntp lil uzi vert ntp edit

Emily Glass – Hollow Butterfly Charm

shaman fight club – samson option

Yem Gel – Mageborn (Goblintithe Dream)

deadrobotmusic – Soft Static Noise

Ivy – sa lina

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