For his Third show on Ma3azef Radio NAJIB invited N9oc & Tinkah: N9oc (Uyen) is a producer and Dj based in Frankfurt (Germany). Open to various styles, from old school to new school. Her creative work includes creating soundscapes by compiling mixes and hosting the podcast series A:\files.« Dense drone transforms into more clarity », is an expression that describes her feelings towards her mix. Influenced by styles like Ambient, IDM, Bassmusic, Juke, Jungle, Dub, Dubstep, Drum&Bass, Techno, Hip Hop and early Dancehall, you can always expect emotional and touching tracks. As an artist, Tinkah is always inspired and influenced by the people around him, that is why this mix is dedicated to friends and surrounding artists only.



IDM, Drone, Ambient, Jungle

Wolfgang Vogt – Exhibition 2

Pearson Sound – Headless (12″ Mix)

Sone Urbia – B (Theros)

Kristuit Salu – updowndownup

Mount Kimbie – Taps

Shiro Sagisu – Honeymoon With Anxiety

Shiro Sagisu – Borderline Case

Anna SchuSchu – Roomie Asteroid

N9oc – lạnh (Patient Mix)

Tends – Drawings

Ryuichi Sakamoto – SEGA Dreamcast Startup Sound

Kaleo Sansaa – Wota

DJ YumYum – Abstraction [forthcoming PH17]

Roy Mills – The News

Yushh – Team Boot

DJ Durbin – And You Told Me They Will Be Fine

FM Pause – PuffPuffP

Shane Lizard – Francasso Funk

EdoSaya – Smoke [unreleased]

Smog – I Fear

Maltin Worf – Thirsty

y2o – Zeitgeist

André Uhl – Are You With Me?

Multimedia Schneider – _maliuusuu

SUI – Zwischen Reiz Und Reaktion

United Rust – No Pastoral

Bungalovv – Araucaria

Dasychira – Have A Few Laughs (Emily Glass Remix)

Emptyset – Stem

Terminal II – To Dismantle 

WULFFLUW XCIV – Polyurethane

Ziyiz – Elasticat

Cyberian – Shades Of Grey

Russ X Tion Wayne – Keisha & Becky Remix (Noumeno’s Ultimate Reptilian Mutant Trap Spliff)

Lithe – Distant Voice

Iueke – Garbage Music

xl.iks – the halfway down

KAVARI – Amber Resin (ft. Myen)

Krxnx – Gurdjieff

Ice_Eyes – Crystalbody

Tobey – Naturaleza Moderna


SNKLS – Stir

SNKLS – Mito-shi

ZULI – Tany

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