In the first hour Setting the tone for imagining a romantic horror date in my head, summoning worrier women energy, in the second hour is noise diva’s romantic collection!



Ambient, Drone, Pop

ROCKS FOE – don’t go down there

011668 – Knifework reveals angelic reality

Sarah Haras – Desert

xanah – Breck my legs

bored lord – I miss my mother 

7777 の天使 – 7 am

kris vango – Siberian death machine

dis fig – Trisicloplox x HMOT – save us

noise diva – canyouheartheEkaching

Insin – Aqsat

Abadir – S4

Lhasa De sela – Anywhere on this road

Chloe x Halle – who knew (from Grown-ish)

Zeid Hamdan feat John – Ana beecha el bahr

Val Clipp – How will I know (Siren Chant V.)

$Not – Megan

Lebanese underground – Ahwak Laou Ansak

Cuco- Feelings

Fein enta – Aya Metwalli

Odd Nosdam – HOME

Tyler The Creator – IFHY (Claviq Remix)

Darine Hamze – Ya Habibi Ta’ala يا حبيبى تعالى

J!N -stretch marks ( a )

Ron Boots – Morranon

Omarion – The only one

Happa – Romans is cool

BvsedGuy aka DJ J.Digits – I Wonder(Kanye West)

Odd Nosdam -Untitled Three (JB’s OG Mix)

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