Multidisciplinary Moroccan artist NAJIB ب ي ج ن who is currently based in Brussels. As DJ and Producer he is interested in genres that bring “chaos” by using a variety of rhythms permeating different cultures and by confronting them with each other. In his music he aims to formate a stability in chaos and to create a dystopian vision of his world allowing a continuous questioning of himself. Glitch, multi-textured sounds and deconstructed music elements are always present in his compositions.



Hypernoise, Experimental, Rap

Villaelvin – GHOTT ZILLAH

Bungalovv – Alacran

Premiere Shō – 3AM

J Sliwa – Maternal Immortality

Sueuga Kamau – Claridad Extática

Tzusing, Hodge – LCD (Estoc’s TFW Your Name is Written on the Ostrakon Remix)

Shapednoise – Rayleigh Scattering

Emptyset – Stems

Glass – Online Fantasy

Contacto – Night Moves

Benfika – Reflejo

Immanence – Lila tirando a violeta & Abssys


Ronce – Acteon

Maoupa Mazzocchetti – 7NE

LCY – Slutty Siri

trngs – fake vs full-sail ironic labor(UNHINGED INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR OFFICAL FLIP)

Klahrk – Phantoms (coproduced with CITYTRONIX)

Shapednoise – Intriguing (In the end)

Klahrk – E-merge Stgy (coproduced with Zoë Mc Pherson)

Tzusing – Face Of Electric (Hyph11e Remix)

Exploited Body – You Say My Heart’s In The Right Place Even Though I’m Not In My Body

LCY – Bite Off The Hand That Feeds You


Флотин Поинтс

Lil Asaf – Labash

Emma DJ – Planet Rap

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