Bi – monthly show curated and composed by Prague based Oliver Torr, sound artist and producer. Features a sonic collage composed of sound art pieces, works in progress, field recordings, texts and music. Artwork by: Anna-Marie Berdychova



Collage, Experimental, Electronic

Sounds, works in progress, sound art pieces, field recordings by:

Oliver Torr, KMRU, Elvin Brandhi, SARC, He.Xen, Jan Burian, Ondrej Doskocil, Klara Sva, Katarzia, Niels Aras, bilej kluk, DJ Bingo.

‘Tomas Knoflicek – Icecream Moustache (Metaphysical Tyler)’

‘Alvin Lucier – Vespers’

Text excerpts from ‘Brandon LaBelle – Acoustic Territories’

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