Phonk contains many sub-genres, From classical phonk music with jazz-y melodies, to Extremely hype and loud house phonk and drift phonk, and the list goes on and on. In this mix i assembled my favorite phonk music from each sub-genre (i tried my best to fit them all in a one hour mix), so buckle up and enjoy a ride full of different vibes and emotions.



Phonk, House Phonk, Drift Phonk

MystikGod – Delusion

MystikGod X 901 CRVNK – Mystical Nights

901 CRVNK – Murda Case

Mork The Cat – 723

Low Detail – Bad Dreams

Ghostface Playa – KILLKA (Feat. Fkbambam)

PlayaPhonk – Phonky Town

MystikGod X DJ Hrizen – Listen Up

KSLV – Disaster

DVRST – Close Eyes

5admin – Silence

$werve! – young

Nissan Playa – Mistake

Dazigus – GULCH (Feat. PlayaPhonk)

Ghostface Playa – Shut the fuck up (Feat. Pharmacist)

Daihatsu – Devestated

MystikGod – FTP

Pharmacist – North Memphis

Pharmacist – Ski Mask Murderer

KillaCee – So High (Feat. MystikGod)

DJ Hrizen x $MXT’I – Gunz For Sell

MystikGod – Pass The Joint [REMASTERED]

DJ Smokey X Soudiere – Land of Da Phonk


Ghostface Playa – Everything is Fine (Feat. Pyromed)

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