#INTERNETGHETTO  started as a passion project of Hyperboloid Records and we are now one of the constant developing platforms for up and coming music producers from Russia and all over the world. #INTERNETGHETTO has very freeform programming and often includes premieres of other labels’ music together with free singles and “name your price” releases. We are interested in the process of creation of the new sounds, constantly shapeshifting and evading genre definitions, vaguely described as bass and experimental electronic music.



Dance, Electronic

silént phil, RareFlora – Oh

Skrillex, Tennyson, White Sea – Stranger

Burial – Ghost Hardware

Circuit Aesthetics – Old Tape

Broosnica – Emotions (3XPERIENCE Remix) (slowed)

Broosnica – Emotions

Flower Vandal, Oceanwaves – You Stay

gl00my – Spyware

Famitsu – Pale Blue Moon


Famitsu – Watanabe

Circuit Aesthetics – Voices (3XPERIENCE Remix)

Crystal Castles – Kept (3XPERIENCE Remix)



Summer of Haze – Pussy Juice


DJ Crisps – It’s A Dark Day

DJ Relax – 3.2 Tommy Ca$h

? – ?

t0ni – keepsake (Broosnica Flip)

? – ?

винер – D.C.H.F.M.U.T.  145 BPM

Техник – Суперсила (prod. by low pulse)

Dozet – Knickerbockers 1

YTP – Imma Boss Ass Bish

Terrestrial Access Network – Worm in the Network

Yung Acid – Do U Wanna Bitch  152 BPM

TCV – Power

Klahrk – Send It

Max Dahlhaus X WRACK – Serendipity (Summer Of Haze Remix)

? – ?

Yawning Portal – Cut To The Feeling

Koloah – New Earth Born

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