A mix of tracks by musicians who signed the collective Musicians for Palestine declaration in May 2021.



Ambient, Instrumental, HipHop

Valeda – Guardian.

YlangYlang – I Have the Flames

NP [Jad Atoui & Anthony Sahyoun] – Marble Drop

Andrea-Jane Cornell – Light on sea (excerpt)

Dadalú – Una canción al día demos

Corey Gulkin – Le Pigeon

Zlata – Cosmosis (excerpt)

OSB (Aidan Girt) – God Bless The Mumble Rappers And Potato Sack Jumpers

a l l i e – Clean Sight ft. Casey MQ

Ab Salyann The God x Lou Piensa Revival (Final Frontier) feat. DJ Dablyo

Pechblende – Hands Reaching Whispering Water

Status Non-Status – Find A Home

Adam & The Amethysts – Prophecy

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