The set proposed this month is a tiny glimpse of the wide Japanese Jazz. The artists not only have adopted one of the most American music but also have known how subtlety infuse their own identities. Japanese jazz seems , for the first listen, similar to other streams of Jazz. It requires some attention to be able to recognize the differences. It’s quiet challenging but this is what music all about !



Jazz, Japan

Minoru Muroaka – Take Five

Ryo Fukui – Early Summer

Koichi Matsukaze trio & Toshiyuki Daitoku – Images In Aline

Hiroshi Suzuki – Shrimp Dance

Masabumi Kikushi – If I Say The Sky Was Falling

George Otsuka Quintet – Go On

Tatsuro Yamashita – Sparkle

Kimiko Kasai – We Can Fall in Love

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