MAWADa dedicates this mix to all his friends who are leaving / have left the country. Artwork by: Jessika Khazrik



Hardcore, Gabber, Mouashahat, Drum & Bass

Noureddine Khorshid – I want to share my love

Msylma – Min Bab AlKamal-i w AlDawam

Igorrr – Lost in Introspection

Pan Sonic – Uranokemia

Mun Sing – Eye

Ewa Justka – Acid on Acid

Killbourne –  pillsurfer

Mariam Hammoud & Munma – Thalatheen

Fadi Tabbal – Ceremony by the Sea

Dasychira – Toon World

Futuro Primitivo – Everyday Life Is War

Undead Roniin – No Known Cure

Aaron Spectre – Alien vs Rodigan

Swan Meat – The Crucible / Candyland

Ruby My Dear – Gaviscon

Maroun Baghdadi – Whispers (Nadia Tueni)


Doxa & Kilbourne – Ladybug

Master Boot Record – Xenom

Joël Fajerman – Flowers Love

The Tekoinst – Whatever Happens in the Long Term

E-Saggila – Relik

Jung Un Taagen – Mehrere

Villaelvin – Etiquette Stomp

TNNL – Blitz

Whitehouse – Dominate You

Bong-Ra vs Goetia – Sickness of the Underground


Tindersticks – Trouble Every Day

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