Drowned by Locals invite guests Oliver Coates and Mayss. A curation of postcards sent from isolation from both guests, summoning currents of pain and desire – featuring an exclusive lockdown string edit and an improvisation session by Oliver. Artwork by: Rebecca Peel



Experimental, Ambient, Modern Classical

Oliver Coates – lockdown string edit for Drowned by Locals

Oliver Coates – slime uk (from ETM podcast)

Oliver Coates – Still Life

anon artist (using London Contemporary Orchestra Textures library) – private track

Joanne Robertson (strings by Oliver Coates) – Doubt

Matt Marble – Lupine Aurora

Robert Fripp & Brian Eno – The Heavenly Music Corporation part 9 (reversed)

Kool Music – Movement Chart for Extra-Large Elevators

Thomas Newman – Ghosts

Oliver Coates – live slime improvisation session for Drowned by Locals

Cocteau Twins – Half-Gifts (BBC session)

Malibu – Isle of Us

Robert Fripp & Brian Eno – The Heavenly Music Corporation parts 4-5

Coil – Broccoli (Live in Paris)

Smagghe & Cross – Cock Of The North

Coil – Mu-ur

Coil – Die Wölfe Kommen Zurück

Velvet Underground – Pale Blue Eyes

Coil – Paint me as a Dead Soul

Secret Pyramid – A Descent

Deutsch Nepal – The Hierophants Of Light

Jerusalem In My Heart – 3attam Babey

Nina Simone – Isn’t it a Pity

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