WARE Collective founder Klahrk starts a new residency on Ma3azef sharing their favourite tracks from the past month and beyond. Playing sounds from Lighght, KAVARI, Zoë Mc Pherson & SOPHIE.



Experimental, Club, Electronic

Xao – Embryno

Inner – Closa

ZULI – What You Do

Venus Ex Machina – Grace

Ice_Eyes – Crystalbody

Esther – Carbon

Lighght – Heatpakt

Lokey – Einfach

Thodén – Hyperreal

Yelzin – Basic Instinct

Lyra Valenza – Low B4

KAVARI – essence remains

luxxuryproblems – Xylit (Phillip Jondo Remix)

Clouds – Katherdral «Trespasser»

Florian TM Zeisig – Aspire (exael remix)

Piano Princess – 发烧 And Forth Again And Again

FRKTL – Will, Want, Desire

Zoë Mc Pherson – Grounding In Outer Space

SOPHIE – Is It Cold In The Water?

SOPHIE – Infatuation

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