In a special curation showcasing one side of LABOUR’s debut album “nine-sum sorcery” on their new label, and debuting Saint Abdullah’s new album “To Live a la West” – In memory of the souls of Samia and Tharwat Khan Zand – A note on “To Live a la West”: “This album, like all of our albums, is rooted in our human stories. Personal stories, family stories. This one happens to focus on the chapter that began when we moved to Canada as kids, and left Iran for good.” – Moh and Mehdi – Artwork by Zeynep Schilling and Enes Gü.



Experimental, Avant-Garde, Sound Collage


the hit of enlightenment – LABOUR

The First Five Minutes After Death – Coil

Einbahnstraße des Selbst – Mattin

Vi Retrospect – Hecker

Living sound – Maryanne Amacher

nine-sum sorcery B – LABOUR feat. Hani Mojtahedy

Koume – Éliane Radigue

Z.N.S. – Einstürzende Neubauten


From the LP “To Live a la West”

0. A lot of Kings (feat. Aquiles Navarro, Kol)_ A most difficult landing

1. A most difficult landing

2. Like a great starving beast (feat. John Butcher)

3. Madonna

4. Philly

5. Furthermost

6. Nocturnal pool party

7. Spoons in purple haze

8. Driving instructor

9. Glittering appliances

From the cassette tape “To Live a la West”

2. Hejab in high school

3. Even you

4. Fuck that calculus teacher

9. Postdoc and Baba returns

1. Eager mimicry

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