For his final show of the year, Klahrk runs through tracks that inspired his upcoming release ‘Oscillate and Shimmer’ on SFX, as well as sharing his current selections for a glimpse into the future.



Club, Experimental, Jungle

Ikävä Pii – death by haha reaction

Cassius Select – Guia Circuit

Masters At Work – Work (Martyn Bootyspoon Club Edit)

Le Dom – Dodge

APEAK – Graze

Réelle – light upon us edit

Drumskull – Negative 7

DVA Hi:Emotions – FD14

Alex Index – Bakken Tool (FoxMind re-tool)

Klahrk – NuNegative

Anz – Stepson

E-Unity – Duo Road

NKC – Shuvvin Match

Mxshi Mo & Scratchclart – Afrotek

Nazar – UN Sanctions

Tribal Brothers & DJ Polo – The Problem

Bad Spin – CORE-BAN

Dub Across Borders – Black Lake

Klahrk – Send It!!

Swimful – Nailz

Noria Lilt – TRC

Klahrk & Atrice – I.D

Elise Massoni – Silk

Penelope’s Fiance – Futile Endeavours

NORA DRUM – Lungfish

Klahrk & KAVARI – I.D

EYRA – Laedd

Rian Treanor – Vacuum Angle

Astrosuka – EH!

ZULI – Tany

Clouds – Skulcoast Cassius Select – Dread Percent

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