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Klahrk: Oscillate And Shimmer Special

For his final show of the year, Klahrk runs through tracks that inspired his upcoming release ‘Oscillate and Shimmer’ on SFX, as well as sharing his current selections for a glimpse into the future.



Club, Experimental, Jungle

Ikävä Pii – death by haha reaction

Cassius Select – Guia Circuit

Masters At Work – Work (Martyn Bootyspoon Club Edit)

Le Dom – Dodge

APEAK – Graze

Réelle – light upon us edit

Drumskull – Negative 7

DVA Hi:Emotions – FD14

Alex Index – Bakken Tool (FoxMind re-tool)

Klahrk – NuNegative

Anz – Stepson

E-Unity – Duo Road

NKC – Shuvvin Match

Mxshi Mo & Scratchclart – Afrotek

Nazar – UN Sanctions

Tribal Brothers & DJ Polo – The Problem

Bad Spin – CORE-BAN

Dub Across Borders – Black Lake

Klahrk – Send It!!

Swimful – Nailz

Noria Lilt – TRC

Klahrk & Atrice – I.D

Elise Massoni – Silk

Penelope’s Fiance – Futile Endeavours

NORA DRUM – Lungfish

Klahrk & KAVARI – I.D

EYRA – Laedd

Rian Treanor – Vacuum Angle

Astrosuka – EH!

ZULI – Tany

Clouds – Skulcoast Cassius Select – Dread Percent

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