Badlcukwind features Tamara Goukassova, Tamara is a violinist & French based musician, she has started her journey playing with bands like (Green Violonite Club, Strasbourg, The Konki Duet), later she has produced and recorded several solo projects on labels such Alpage Records & most recently on Plaisir d’Offrir Records, moreover she has recorded covers for bands like Coil, Oppenheimer Analysis & Death in June.



Folk, Synth, Alternative 

Catherine Danger – Hits From The Bhong

Lena Platonos – Plapal Steps

Acte Bonté – Carlotta au-delà

Ssabae – Structures chaotiques

SS Mylitta – Kali Nada II                 

Théorème – Les artisans

Gibon sans griffon – Adnil andab pt.1

Morning Veils – For How Long

The Legendary Pink Dots – A Terra Firma Welcome

Amapola – Que he sacado con quererte

Ventre de biche – Bosse de faim

Gibon sans griffon – Adnil andab pt.2

Calvin Love – Sleight Of Hand

Lacustre – Atlassian

Delacave – The way Of Nothing

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