Katharsis is a label founded by the copenhagen-based artist jjjacob focusing on emotionally charged music. The vision of the label is to show the world how music is our best tool to process moods, thoughts and emotions by self-therapeutic involvement with the arts. In this first episode of katharsis, jjjacob starts the year off with a long ambient set featuring a couple of unreleased tracks forthcoming on katharsis, and ending with a handfull of bangers for the 2021 dancefloor. This is followed by guestmixes by awbluu & arturo camerlengo mixing up a energy-infusing blend of hyperpop and experimental music.



Ambient, Emotional, Experimental, Hyperpop

Phrixus – Unintentional Alchemy [forthcoming on katharsis]

Loto Retina – Omnipod

forgotten plants – Where Neither Sun Nor Moon Shines Through

Vanessa Amara – 2 Leopards, Pt. 2

Krysztof Komeda – Main Title (From Rosemary’s Baby)

Dane Law – Delph reprise

Eartheater – Metallic Taste Of Patience

Arca – Gratitud

jjjacob – Rite of Spirits [forthcoming on katharsis]

Dylan Henner – A Raccoon Got Loose In the House and Fell Asleep In the Laundry

Samuel Organ – A Weird Walk

Sarnadas – A3 Rua D Viseu Sequence

dj lostboi – ANGEL

jjjacob – Surge Of The Almighty [forthcoming on katharsis]

False Self & Bademjan – Néganthropie

Roméo Poirier –  Le bématiste

Ausschuss – Loose Unit

Djoser – Ivy

J Sliwa – Demiurge

Sophia Loizou – Shadows of Futurity

Grand River – Side Lengths

Vespertine – Nevo

Jenys – Being Here (Flagalova Remix)

Introduction (awbluu w/ Thomas Rayon)

E-Sagilla – Spectator

Cecile Believe – Living My Life Over (Extreme Edit)

awbluu x Solem – Brain Freeze (Instrumental demo)

Ytem – On Deck (Instrumental)

Hadno x Veka – ??? (awbluu Choir Edit)

DJC – Coiled

Ytem – 8eme Jour (awbluu Remix)

awbluu – Vesper

Yoichiro Yoshikawa – Keirin

Yre Den – Crystal Tongue

Acounta – Tanner Banana

Lonneker w/ sv1 – Sylvan Polymer

MM – Derealisation

Motion Graphics – Mezzotint Gliss (Instrumental)

Aeoi – Kelp City

Galen Tipton – Girl Dick

sv1 – ferrofluid

Kemperton – Distant Prayer

Ytem – Eco

Charli XCX – Focus (Ship Sket Edit)


Lil Crack – OTNOD

Sega Bodega -Boyz n the Door

Holy Other-Inpouring


Charli XCX-Boys(Dj Overdraft remix)

Tristan-Hear you feat. Whiterose

Loona- Never released



Malena Stefano-Sentimental

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