Jad Atoui is a music composer, sound designer and electronic music experimentalist based between Beirut & New York. Using his bio-sensors, field recordings and analog gears he composes and performs electronic music.



Ambient, Dance, Electronic

Milford Graves – interview extract

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe – M’Bondo

1427°C – Cucina Povera & ELS

Autechre – Drane 2

Gregory Jones – No moon No mirror

Jad Atoui – untitled

Andrew Pekler Los Jardines

Nicolas Jaar – Los Jardines 

Uriel Barthelemy – performance extract

Greg Fox – From The Cessation of what

Craig Leon – four Floods of the Points

Visible Cloaks –  Permutate Lex

Mark Fell – Manitutshu 

Pierre Bastien – Quiet Motors

Foxconn – D’eon 

Second Woman – 30052 

Angel 1 – hrubb

Untitled edits

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