In this katharsis show, jjjacob switches the vibe between different styles of experimental music, including both clubby bangers and ambient floaters, and also showcases a couple of tracks from his forthcoming EP “Journey Before Destiny” – hereafter Phrixus delivers a conceptual dessert themed set followed by a meditative ambient set by POL100.



Ambient, Post-Club, Rave

Santebela – save me

Cucina Povera & Els – Mantle

bod [包家巷] – My Best Friend in Berlin

Mark – Incantation for the Protection of JC


Lila Tirando a Violeta & Lighght – Ritual For Rusting Metals

Perko & Finn – Chugaloo

Dave N.A. – STRNGR

Jenys – Being Here (Our.v Remix)

Jenys – Being Here (Fetva Remix)

Vanessa Amara – 7 Leopards, Pt. 7

Roméo Poirier – Hotel Nota

sigurd@skovlund – UrPHONEDIED

Lost Salt Blood Purges and Boring Bathtimes – ‘Ritually Fallen Leaves

Infant – bladee_wonderland

Nailah Hunter – Soil: Song From Silence

Daysailer – Idea For A Film

Mussi – Racing

Samuel Organ – Cages Of The Upper West Side

Sirma Altug – Sprit

Ancher – I Think, I Love

Ulla – Stunned Suddenly

jjjacob – Regal Voyager

Brigitte Barbu – Dae-Boj DeMoya

jjjacob – Hegira

phrixus [00:57:42-01:32:18]

Phrixus – Field Recording – Corralejo Desert

Fis & Rob Thorne – Phase Transition

Lonnie Liston Smith – Journey Into Space

David Berezan – Baoding

Arca – Whip

Phrixus – Expanse Of Your Energy

St Germain – Forget Me Not

Phrixus – Field Recording – Various Storms

Bungalovv – Healing Snakes

Robert Hampson – Quelque Chose Dans L’air

Jabu + Daniela Dyson – SIDE A

Lalo Schifrin – Lamarr

Yussef Lateef – Purple Flower

Fennesz & Sakamoto – Oto

Monty Adkins – Torn Mosaic

Songhoy Blues – Mali

Phrixus – Field Recording – Marketplace, Guatemala

Bassekou Kouyate – Wagadou

OPN – Wave Idea

Madlib – Latino Negro

Lotide – In The Deserted Bazaars

Manuella Blackburn – Javaari

Vaetxh – Cuntpressor

Demdike Stare – Overstaying

Distal – Preach On A Hustle

J. Albert – Wetter

Drew Lustman – Hyena

Leif – First Image

SBTRKT – Evening Glow

Roberto Musci – Improbably Music

Goooooose & DJ Scotch Egg – Altered Destiny

pol100 [01:32:18-02:00:00]

Kinetix – Void

Ludwig Berger – Kin

M.E.S.H – Nemorum Incola (Live at Zeiss Großplanetarium)

Acre – Direct Registering

Astrid Sonne – Cancelled Eyes

Petit Singe – 27.09.89

Aïsha Devi – Time is the Illusion of Solidity

Kathryn Kluge & Kim Allen Kluge – Foreboding Sea

Nazar – Retaliation

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