Youssef Yasser, a DJ based in Cairo, Egypt, with an ear resonating to electronic music in all it’s forms takes over Ice_Eyes’ show. Usually playing breaks and synthetic tunes, Youssef, has also shown interest in leftfield music and experimental sounds, making an appearance, on paris based, Radio Flouka, and Noise Mixes, an ongoing series, on Cairo’s Scenenoise.



Ambient, Modular, Experimental, Leftfield

Mika Vainio – Heijastuva

jjjacob – Cataclysm

Meitei – Sento pt.1

Derek Baron Sagards History of Canada (excerpt)

Ana Roxanne – It’s a Rainy Day on the Cosmic Shore

Suzanne Ciani Buchla Concerts 1975 (excerpt)

Meitei – Utano

Kareem Lotfy – Rokurokubi

Lensk – Troska

Second Woman – 600249li9

Ana Roxanne – In a Small Valley

Seefeel – Net

Tangents – Old Organs

Treibgut – A Bug’s Dream

Mike G – Timeless ft. Tyler The Creator

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