In this katharsis show, jjjacob fills out the first hour with a dominance of contemplative ambient floaters before letting his clubbier side loose with a handful of assorted bangers towards the end. Subsequently, this month’s guest Cuban Chamber of Commerce, who has an EP coming out on katharsis later this year, spoils us with his eclectic selection of danceable, experimental and ambient tracks.



Ambient, Experimental, Post-Club, Rave

1011 – Chorus As Sung By A Colony Of Trees

Roméo Poirier – Du rocher

Infant – body pill

Quit Life – Niratma

Hegira Moya – Filling Tide

dvdv –  00027 sonolumineszenz

sortlegeme – turn

sortlegeme – return

Saltmother – Spa Day

Samuel Organ – Leaving

KYO – Azzurra

Chester Raj Anand – Eternal

Rene Hell – C.G. Mask

Other Joe – Us, Living in Squalor

Sirma Altug – Aftershave

Porter Brook – Linear Entry to Cyclical Thought

treibgut – A12

Hence Therefore – Wound Massage


Aya – DaRE u to sour lips with me

Zora Jones – Cease Fire

Ghost Lemurs Of Madagascar – Fauno

Drew McDowall – Agalma II (feat. Caterina Barbieri)

Ben Frost – …I Lay My Ear To Furious Latin

Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement – Jungle Is A Shapeshifter 

Cuban Chamber of Commerce – Taint (Unreleased)

Igen & Onejgn – I89

SPIME.IM – Exaland II

Yogev Freilichman – Hot Air

N/OBE – Porn Version

Doubt – Move (Suda Remix)

B E N N – Havana Syndrome (feat. Personalbrand) (Unreleased)

B E N N – Rapid March (Unreleased)

Bonebrokk – Exo (Mosca’s Shaolin Version)

HAJJ – Death To Eternity

Ava – Return To Shore

Traxman – Buddha Muzik

Crypticz – Ocean Blue (feat. Kisnorbo)

ZULI – Cipher

3aeshna Wi Shofna – Mahmoud El3omda Elseawasy

Severin Glance – Reign

Sneakbo – Active (feat. Giggs)

Avernian – Ripper

Tomas Urquieta – Sintesis de Friccion

Badsista – SHEELA


Looting – Active Sleeper (Unreleased)

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