“After releasing his debut longplay ‘Empathy’ via Shanghai – based Genome 6.66 Mbp last year, Gin&Platonic are pleased to invite the Prague – based artist and producer Dominik Gajarsky alias Slowmotiondancer to their next guestshow hosted on ma3azef radio.”

Czech Republic


Electronic, Experimental, Guitar

Strachkvas – Blind Worm III

Seaketa – Ski,p

??? – ??? (forthcoming on Gin&Platonic)

GEORGIA – Pure Word Deafness

Sabaturin – Skaotan

Emeka Ogboh – Everydaywehustlin

Lutto Lento – Skarby Sezamu (with Adam Repucha)

RONCE – Inverted Burning Gaze

Perila – Floor Position

QOW – Mshqla

Sarah Haras – Wish That I

Maoupa Mazzocchetti – Serenade to a Gelatin

oxhy – claps ft. Dæmon 

Irena and Vojtěch Havlovi – White Andalusia

Yaera – Elavoko 1

exael – Ko

ZULI – Penicillin Duck

hmurd – Sync Button

Fentanyl Embrace – Agatha

object blue – Procession of Healers

Slowmotiondancer – I dreamed of playing guitar in a band after years, but I couldn’t remember my chords  (01:00 – 02:00)


His Name Is Alive – Are You Coming Down This Weekend? + Her Eyes Were Huge Things

Taxidermists – Be 1

Eliza Douglas – Half Of Freud’s Books

Duster – Heading for the Door + Inside Out

Matt Gurley – You’re Not the Only One I Know (The Sundays YouTube cover)

Velour 100 – Under Heaven

Sonic Youth – Theme With Noise

John Frusciante – Helical (The Will To Death)

The Naked Souls – Sleep

Slowdive – Celia’s Dream

Radiohead – Bulletproof (I Wish I Was)

PJ Harvey – Horses in My Dreams

Blue Iverson – Who shot Lucious Lyon

Air Pop – For The Boys

Bar Italia – Quarrel

Le n Mi – stack of stones

Hal Hartley – Simple Men (Closing) OST

Penélope Cruz – Open your eyes (Vanilla Sky)

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