Here is our next show, with a special guest mix by Arj0na, and a new picture created by gsm_garden. Arkhona is a music producer from Madrid, Spain, his Evolution EP is out now on #internetghetto andis available for free from our bandcamp. In the first part of the show we are going to play tracks by sangam, pixelord, darko, cadeu, grrl, ivy hollyvana, sistema aero and many more, going all the way from chill to banging tracks and back. #internetghetto radio show on ma3azef live features favorite music, tracks released or premiered on #internetghetto soundcloud.




Sangam & Pixelord – Process Cold

Dark0 feat Malibu – Reverie Eternity

cadeu – gho

Adamas1080p – Palm Bae

Pixelord – Plank

GRRL VS 大悲咒 – Impact Mantra (Tzusing Glued)

WOLS – ???

iVY hOLLIVANA – skype softness (EMILY GLASS Banished euphoria rework)

Sistema Aero – Zone 2

Juan Plus One – Infinite 4 U Edit (Slugabed VS Charli XCX)

TEK-95 – bust it open pro

A-0 – Lotus

st.costa – distortions


Ani Klang – The Problem (A.Fruit Remix)

Andrew Juke – Pollen

scampage – toxic drakkar

CNÁMHA – Wasted Chattel



LTHL – Habibi (2020 Remaster)

Dark0 – Tooly

Arj0na – Aerodinamica

Arj0na – Halo

Starsplash – Fly Away (Metrakit Remix)

Karman – Ur All I Want

Hiroyuki Sawano – Wings of Freedom (Arj0na Flip)

Arj0na – Legendary Quest

Kurama – Arabesque

Arj0na & Ytem – Victory

Arj0na – 2020

Dark0 – Oxygenesis

Hyphen & Fake Guido – Battery (Arj0na Remix)

cadeu – 75

Gultskra Artikler – Is This Real

Raumskaya – Laska

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