“We Sad We Angry Is a monthly show. Mixes that range from Arab melancholic to Drill, reflecting on politics, technology and the human condition.”



Electronic, Experimental

ptwiggs – Eternal Chains

Yoshitaka Hikawa – LTV

Bashar Suleiman – BEYA RIP EDIT

Soap&Skin – Mawal Jamar

Sajida Obeid – Mawal Hali

Ali Al-Issawi – Aqrab Sadrak

Anne Imhof-Opening March

Eartheater – How To Fight

Helm – Capital Crisis

Holly Herndon – Home

Exploited Body – Embrace

whiterose – sinX (feat. Ytem)

Ho99o9 – Pigs Want Me Dead

Kim Kate feat. Damndef – View

6ix 7even – Lets Lurk

KRS ONE – Sound of Da Police

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