@ramseytdec presents the first show of his new residency on ma3azef with his new show HOUSE OF MEAT. Ramsey explores deeper, darker difficult listening filled as he moves the tempo only upwards towards thick bass-lines, neck snapping breaks, and music built for basements in the early morning.



Electronic, Rave, Bass

Grove – Bloodsucka

Pessimist – The Price Of Oil

Yak – Knothole

Gantz – toys_are_dead

Ossia – Drum Tangle

Nikki Nair – Urquoise

Another Channel – Corruption Feat Enushu Taye (Mystik Edit)


Wen – Late Night

K-Lone – B.R.O.K.E (KUCKA Edit)

Karma – Dat Dat Dat

Facta – Poliwhirl

Headland – KILL ZONE

Boofy & Ago – Silverware

Commodo – Deft 1s

re-ni – Reverse Rave

Jabu – Us Alone

DJ PGZ – Unknown At Night

Less-O – Clan D

Ghost Producer – Attacking Riddim

Badawi – Anlan 7

Drone – Gamma Ray

Human Movement – Rude Boi

Bailey Ibbs – Killa Abra

RSD – Sounds Like Old Friends Ft. Preddi

Borai – Moving 303s

re-ni – Revenge Body

Pugilist & Tamen – Time Becomes A Loop

Walton – Working Title

Breaka – Solaria

Two Shell – Home

LMajor – Hush

Pugilist & Tamen – Scatter

Borai – Gunfingers

Coco Bryce – Desire

DJ Die – Clear Skyz

ZULI – Tany

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