evo-natura is an avant-garde label based in Athens, Greece. For their 17th episode, evo-natura invites New York-based artists & collaborators Montross & TOWNJEWELER for our first B2B 1-hour mix episode, featuring unreleased & some of our favorite modern-classic pieces.



Ambient, Electronic, Drone, Experimental

Paul de Marianis – Fonetica Francese

Morten HD – Autotrophic

Montross – Basilica

Geinoh Yamashirogumi – Winds Over Neo-Tokyo


Montross – Interlagos (Drumless edit)

K. Leimer – Facing East

Coro Polifonico di Alghero – Ave Maria

Montross – ???

AYYA – Second Mistake

Jac Berrocal – Nuit de la Troisième Lune

Yoko Kanno – Chorale

Juan Marcos Blanco – Sueños

LORN – Sega Sunset

Suso Sáiz – Tierra Media

Oklou & Casey MQ – Lurk

Montross – ???

Miedo Total – Inno

Debit – Overcome Isolation

Amina Alaoui – Ode D’Ibn Arabi

Lol Coxhill & Morgan Fisher – Que En Paz Descanse

Montross – Hilkantu

Rafael Anton Irisarri – Empire Systems

Fatima Al-Qadiri – Pre-Extinction

Vainqueur – Solanus

Robbie Basho – Blue Crystal Fire

Malibu – Camargue

Todd Barton & Ursula Le Guin – Long Singing

K. Leimer – Two Voices

Montross – ???


D. Burgos – Nomad Wind

Taaj Al-Khaliq – Re in Time

J. Form – Winding Path

Juan Blanco – Galaxia M-50

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