For this month on Gate 4: an unreleased production mix from myself and a showcase of the sound of hardcore in 2021 by the legend himself Gabber Eleganza.



Techno, Breaks, Hardcore, Dancehall

Toumba – Istibtan (Unreleased)

Toumba – Chrono (Unreleased)

Toumba – Kabsiyyeh (Forthcoming)

BRD – Topaz (Toumba Remix) (Dub)

Toumba – Shurooq (Forthcoming)

Toumba & Sim – Ard Jaw (Unreleased)

Toumba – Um Uthaina Massiv (Unreleased)

Toumba – Iris (Unreleased)

Toumba – Multipack of Limes (Forthcoming)

Toumba – Lil Amam Sir (Forthcoming)

Toumba – Rosefinch (Unreleased)

Toumba – Duel (Unreleased)

Toumba – So7seeleh (Unreleased)

Toumba – Mrattab (Unreleased)

Toumba – Iktisah (Unreleased)

Toumba – Untitled (Unreleased)

Toumba – Gasab Sokkar (Unreleased)

Toumba – Tidallal (remastered) (Forthcoming)

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