Early Reflex, the leftfield club imprint from Turin run by Alec Pace, celebrates its first birthday with the release of the new and flashy Flex002 compilation featuring artists within the experimental sonosphere from all around the world. For this special occasion the Early Reflex will take over Ma3azef digital frequencies for three hours featuring guestmixes from six artists involved with the label. Sabiwa is an experimental audio-visual artist and electronic producer and performer from Taiwan. Her compositions are based on the recording and dissecting of sounds from natural and synthetic sources which interact with complex texture patterns and are blended with her processed vocals.



Electronic, Sound Design, Experimental

Joel&Ethan Coen – No country for old man

Sabiwa – Xin de Shijian

Valerio Tricoli – Didi they? Did I?

Sabiwa + Nathan L. – HkR

Queimada – Note to self

Gerard Grisey – Les espaces acoustiques

John Cage – Piano works

Axel Dörner – Composition for trumpert and electronic

Sabiwa – I dont even remember my name, why do you keep fooling me?

Marco Colocci – Teaser

Clark – Herr Barr

Torben Sneaksted – Periechon

Ooame – Demae Ramen

Anders Vestergaard – Ojo

Musica Sacra – (excerpts)

Magic Malik – Improvisation

Lars Luscy 8Legion – Boargod

Khoshi Kamata – Third kind hand

Kink Gong – Landscapes of China

Queimada – My self other

Yuugure no Tori – Attack on Titans

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