evo-natura is an avant-garde label based in Athens, Greece. For their 12th episode, evo-natura showcases their first year releases.



Ambient, Electronic, Drone

Treglia – That’s How I Feel

Treglia – Seeing Double Again

Ł. Salicis – Ellaa’s Beacon

Minnomou – You’ll Hiss At Me

Treglia – Embers

Waller – Recording of Youth Strike for Climate Change 2019

xato – Private Ceremony

KAVARI – Betula

Lighght – Undergrowth Magic Process Distillation

KAVARI & xato – Nereids

KAVARI & xato – Nereids (Waller Remix)

KAVARI & xato – Nereids (Sangam Remix)

xato – Asrai

xato – Bodies Under the Moon

xato – I sacrificed myself to the Gods of Death to live forever inside your body

Ryouko – a walk in the forest

Ryouko – a stroll by the sea

Celes – Heart (B-Side)

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