In a special curation showcasing exclusive and consecutive sets by the artists and admirers of each other’s work. OTRO is the ever shapeshifting, chameleonic project of Valencian artist Aaron Morris. From the dreamy ‘deconstructed club’ antics of his early work to the lo-fi and melancholic instrumentals of his latest album Portuaria, OTRO’s work is characterized by offering a window to the guts of the artist. And, Ian Bruner is a Colorado based artist, working digitally and in nature Bruner’s practice has most recently begun to explore the gamification of labor and leisure hours and the role and effect of mass-data collection and surveillance.  Co-director of Rhizome Parking Garage. Artwork by Ian Bruner @ideath



Jazz, Field Recordings, Flamenco, Folk

nico – ari’s song

concrete fantasies – world-as-conjuration

elysia crampton – secret ravine (chakana en general)

enrique morente – amanecer

otro – portuaria (this quay, their tomb)

james ferraro – 1992

lole y manuel – dime

heat “gotta hold on to my angst” dialogue

qualiatik – unreleased

infinity frequencies – into the light

manzanita – gitana

yung beef – invierno

mica levi – monk

los caños – niña piensa en ti

otro – suburbia (entering)

otro – smoke

celeste – favole antiche

Submerged  and losing  (BOO forever Richard brautigan targeted individual edit) 

 All Of Me 올오브미 of 김오키 Kim Oki (targeted individual edit)

Contrailsnakes: Drone Operator, Ian Bruner, Gajek 

Microwave-thought (nowhere to be seen) Targeted Individual 

I dream of dead air (picked clean by music larry levis targeted individual edit number 2 live) 

Nuit Sur Kes Champs by miles davis (targeted individual edit) Targeted individual speaks (v2s edit)

Erasure in a Walgreens parking lot (ex-corporate actuary circled in transmission) data wash erosion, every few minutes a coke commercial leaks in, the voice of no one by Ian Bruner

Halfway down by Ian Bruner (Kafka’s Hat brautigan targeted individual edit) 

False POV by ian bruner (targeted individual edit) 

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