MYEN is derived from myenteric plexus and refers to a part of the enteric nervous system that is located in our intestines and is partly responsible for our ‘gut feeling’ in unpleasant or uncanny situations. Everything that unconsciously worries, saddens or stresses us out, makes itself noticeable in this area. His project revolves around his diagnosis of chronic bowel disease and unprocessed grief, between which he perceives a link. In order to deal with these problems, which from now on interfere with his everyday life, MYEN was created – a project that tries to practice compassion for oneself and healing through sonic ritual, intention-infused sound design and composition.



Dance, Electronic

Arrival Soundtrack – First Encounter

Lydia Lunch – Bloodlust  and Oblivion


DJ Miranthony – Hysteria

Luca Bazz -Il Sound E Cupo

Chesnokov Op. 40-5 Do not cast me off (Concerto for bass profondo and choir)

Gigi Dagostino – Esercizio Del Braccio Suono Libero

Mokshamu – Saramathi-Adi

DJ Fole – Zarro Style

Luca Bazz – Melancholia

Luca Noise – Sgarro Tamarro

Dj Caesar – Hard Symphony

Infinity 2008 (Sico Vox Afro Edit)

AWE – Rackem

GTA – Fk It (Mayhem In Action X Rose Dawn Flip)

Dj Caesar – Vibrazione Lenta

ANIMA – Altered ending

KAVARI – Harnessed To Flesh

Mica Levi – Lobo Y Lady

wild-heart arkaine

Time Waster – 0FG (Lento Mix)

SALEM – Not Much Of A Life

Ecdysis – Gothic /// Artificial

Flume – Never Be Like You feat. Kai (Acapella)

 Analogue Mega Sg system boot up by Arca

W.Unit – Rave Revolution

RÈelle – light upon us edit

Dj Norihega – Vamos A Comernos Eso

Dj Fox – Maniatik

TT& S – Freaks (Dj Norihega Rmx)

PHYSA – Strong Zero

Anderex X Dutch E Germ – Cyka Blyat HBA WAR (KAVARI DJ Tool Edit)

Harcore – O Fortuna

Davide Sonar – Sarabande

Roly Porter – Untitled

Dayvi  Victor Cardenas – Baila Conmigo (Hardstyle Edit)

Von Bikr‰v – Casseurs Anthem

Max Richter – Summer 2


PLEXÿS – Exist

Henryk GÛrecki – Symphony of Sorrowful Songs – 2nd Movement

RAW – 74185# – Stop Report Me For Hate Incitation Bitch


Rathal0s POV – vore animation

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