On this week’s of Dirar’s weekly show, he showcases a 2 hour mix, from Black Musicians For Palestine.



Protest, Black Music, Jazz

Anthony Hamilton – Listen

Lee Morgan – Gaza Strip

Max Roach – Praise for a Martyr

The Horace Tapscott Quintet – The Giant Is Awakened

Angela Davis – We’re Threating The Oppressors / Ornette Coleman –

Trouble In The East

Archie Shepp and Dollar Brand – Fortunato

Archie Shepp – Mlcolm, Malcolm, Semper Malcolm

Air – Air Raid

Kwame Ture On Zionism and Imperialism / Max Roach Drums Solo

Marzette Watts – Backdrop For Urban Revolution

Ed Blackwell and Don Cherry – Brilliant Action

Malcolm X Speaks / Sunny Murray Drum Solo

Revolutionary Ensemble – Invasion

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