Becem Sdiri, aka SCUFF, lives and works in Tunis. As a visual artist, he is interested in places and people, people in places, and how they interact with each other. His process is oscillating between analogue methods like drawing, cut out, collage and digital methods like scanning, vector illustrations and video synth. “ Palestinians live on collective memory and the memory of this generation is based on stories of our grandparents leaving their towns and villages. It was an interesting concept for me to try and communicate with my ancestors, to document our history before it is erased. I wanted to pay respect to those sounds and movements. They were all political movements, not scenes” said Muqata’a



Experimental, Rap, Electronic, Dub

Iktafi Bil Samt – (prod by Muqata’a)إِكتفِ بالصَّمْت

Al Raqs Ma’ Hawwa’ – (prod by Muqata’a)الرقص مع حواء

Muqata’a – Bilharf Alwahad بالحَرف الواحَد

Muqata’a – Takhatur تخاطُر

Muqata’a – Fakh Al Masfufat

Muqata’a – Ajiban عجيباً

Muqata’a – Majasat Maghmura (Submerged Sensors)

Muqata’a – Dirasat ‘ulya دِراسات عُليا

Muqata’a – Suffocated Electronics

Muqata’a – Mish Aktar مش اكتر

Risaleh mn muqata’a (pt.1) – رسالة من مقاطعة

Muqata’a – Zyadet Naqs زيادة نقص

ملِّ – الراس و محراك  (prod. Muqata’a)

Muqata’a – Ikhtiraq – (NoSR In Search Of Hope Compilation)

Muqata’a – Tanqeeb تَنقيب

Muqata’a – Ikmal إِكمَال

Muqata’a – Abiroon

Muqata’a – Tib Al Huroof – طِب الحروف

Muqata’a – Marj Ibn Amer (from Inkanakuntu LP)

Muqata’a – Tanafur _ تنافُر

Sokoot feat. Muqata’a سكوت مع مقاطعة

Muqata’a’s Ramallah Dub – Awal Ma Nabdi

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