On the second edition of the B-SAAD show, presenting this musique concrete mix by Mohamed ben Achour, an up and coming Tunisian producer based in Paris. This mix was a carefully curated selection of various projects that were a major influence on his conception about sound and existence. Old and new gems, at the crossroads of the finite and the infinite, tunes drawing eternity on magnetic tapes.



Musique Concrete

Lionel Marchetti – Passerelle

Matija Schellander – Dance B

Matija Schellander – Dance A

Pierrre Henry – Antiphony

Angélica Castello, Jérôme Noettinger – Epicentro

Olivier Capparos – A Blue Book

Lionel Marchetti – Le Cerveau

Noël Akchoté – .-3 (Point Moins Trois)

Utku Tavil – Sutt

Xavier Garcia, Gianni Gebia,Nils Wogram – Bavardages

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