A Flooded Need returns to Ma3azef to host another important Italian experimental electronic music label: Artetetra. The first hour is as always entrusted to Nocturnerror and Eraclio, paranoid, glacial and grotesque environments, equivocal samples, distant slowed down reminiscences. Artetetra join forces with AFN and crafts an hour of fine selected noisy jazzers, psych tormentors and stammering hip-hop constructs from lesser catalogs.



Electronic, Screwed Up, Glitch

Marcus Schmickler & Julian Rohrhuber – Refrain Numbers Negation

Tvii Son – ND

Klein – BALLER ALERT (a rnb demo)

Elvin Brandhi – Cekik (w/ Hulibalang)

Maral – Sweet vs. Heavy

Moor Mother & billy woods – Rock Cried

Heith – 21122020 (Strings of Visio)

Inga Copeland – Advice to Young Girls (w/ Actress)

Christoph De Babalon – Blue Hours

Fiium Shaarrk – Fear of Mapping (Maurizio Ravalico’s Left Handed Matching Army Version)

Eks – Outro (Bishop) (forthcoming on AFN)

Muqata’a – Shahiq Al-insijam

Loto Retina – Aroy


Disc – Catch Yr Breath

VMOS & Boofy – Close

Nocturnerror – NOBODY

Antipop Consortium – The Hands Behind the Piano of Time Is God 1

Eks – Kids (forthcoming on AFN)

Lieu Noir – Slippery Key

NPLGNN – Forever Till No More

Jac Berrocal, David Fenech, Vincent Epplay – Solaris

African Head Charge – Revolution Dub

OODDIITTYY – Love & Fear

Xium – Colundi Nye

Holly Childs & Gediminas Žygus – Formless

Yogev Freilichman – SARA

Kareem – Pure Pleasure

Artetetra – Noisy Jazzers & psych tormentors

Dj Sniff – De-Bridging

Unknown – Emilio Vacca #2

Jealousy Party – Polymorphic Stomp

D-P-I – They Wanna Fuck Beat

Bidimensional Gangsta – Vectorial Gun

Foodman – Awa Buro

Firewall III – Egghead

Naturalismo – Kekuasaan (gamut mix)

CHYSKYYRAI with Tim Hodgkinson and Ken Hyder – Degeren

Nyvoz – Devotion To The Frostbeast

YOTO – Campioncino


Reptilian Expo – Ü ÀÀ

Delmore FX – cbb #6

Cult of Riggonia – Sdarkaus (Nintendo Dungeon)

Cadaver Mike – Track 2

Kuthi Jin – Love Speed – Heart 3 – Betrayal

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