On this 3rd edition of the B_SAAD show, BRHMN is taking over with his debut mix ( EL RESISTENZA 01) backing the voices of our tormented nations through a carefully selected mix that embodies resistence, resilience, menlancholy, authenticity and rage all against this opression that has been going since we opened our eyes to this world.



Experimental, Electronic, Folk

Speedy J – Nails in The Wall

UVB76 – Hong

Simo Cell & Abdullah Miniawy – Caged in Aly‘s Body

DE-MA – The Wormhole

NO/ON – Counting our sons

3PHAZ – Procession

Razmiel – AOCT

Von Riu – A Small Intricate Box

Vendo – Psineta

Katatonic Silentio – Prisoner Of The Self (Stenny Remix)

Jesse-Osborne Lanthier – Settlements in Four Parts

DJ Speedsick – Monomaniacal

Soeur Acéphale – Un Florilège de Tissus Cicatriciels, 3

NO/ON – Unoccupied Nests (Zevla Remix)

Clouds – Dark Leviathan Krew

3xOJ – Stasix

Naseer Shamms – Oud Improvisation

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