Atrice consists of Lino Schilling and Pablo Chacon-Pino, two sound designers and artists based in Basel and Zurich. Their musical works are inspired by encounters of the every day, the digital sensory overload and share influences from acousmatic and electroacoustic music. As part of the MIRAS collective they curate events for contemporary club music and build their platform to support young and upcoming artists. Atrice stop at Ma3azef monthly for two hours of sonic textures, organic transitions and floating states. Every month with new guests.



Experimental, Bass, Club

Paraadiso – Caustics 

Cares – Dataset I Trust

hmurd – Escape (For Nepeta)

LAITR – Tend

Judgitzu – Kelele

Net Gala – Shpiral (Amazondotcom Remix)

Korin Complex – Wait 

ABADIR – III (Ice_Eyes Third Eye Exercise Remix)

Carli – 4x4R-8

Batida – Bazuka (Quem Me Rusgou)

2562 – Juxtapose

Ramadanman – Don’t Change for Me

Proc Fiskal – Scarab Aloph



Gabber Eleganza/HDMIRROR – Seen It

Lee Gamble – Switches 

DJ Crystl – Let It Roll

Doc Scott – Drumz ’95 (Nasty Habits Remix)

Source Direct – Secret Liaisons 

Amazon II DJ Aphrodite – Booyaa

Pink Panthress – Passion (Feloneezy Remix) 

DJ Thadz – OverLoad 

Qoso – Nouvelle Dawn

Commodo – F_ck Mountain

Loefah – Rufage 

Kenji Kawaii – Voyage to Avalon 

The Shaggs – Philosophy of the World

S280f feat. SV1 – 5M

Atrice – ?

Hypho & Rakjay – Respek the History

Bby Eco – Innerlife

LeftLeft – Right Under

Tondiue – Painted Creature

Metrist – LB Steaua

Auricular – Antiragus

Design Default – Geminids

Objekt – CLK Recovery

Piezo – Gran Macello ad Ostia

Loraine James – Insecure Behaviour And Fuckery

Syz – Bunzunkunzun

Skee Mask – CZ3000 Dub

Huxley Anne – Shame

B E N N – pasvake

Andrea – Kjone

Manolo Müller – mubtuuukbbunh (Binaural Version)

Climate Collapse – Arraywater

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