With this mix, Hørd tried to show the different aspect of electronic music he likes, from strong and urgent beat in techno, to sweet cold pop melodies, or even Ambient music. Being interested in astrology a lot, maybe he was on the influence of Mars for this playlist.



Synth-Wave, EBM, Ambient, Techno

Kontravoid – Distress 

Alessandro Cortini – Batticuore 

Fuck Buttons – Brainfreeze 

Boards of Canada – Sixtyten 

Orchestral Manoeuvre in the Dark – Souvenir 

Years of Denial – I’m still a pill 

Codex Empire – The Valley of Wraith

Austra – Spell Work

Slowdive – No longer making time

Harold Budd – The serpent (in quicksilver) 

Ancient Methods – In Silence 

Hørd – Parallels

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