ZIAD NAWFAL is a DJ, radio host, music promoter and producer based in Beirut. He has spent the better part of the last 25 years exposing Lebanon and the world to the special local and regional independent music talent. Photo Credit: Nour Raad



Electronica, Ambient, Experimental Rock

Ghassan Sahhab – Taqasim Qanun

Paed Conca w/ City of Salt – Dreamy Ape           

Two or The Dragon – Live at Metro, June 2018

Aya Metwalli – All the Gold on Earth        

NAR – Ma Tensa   

Calamita – Al’Il

Rabih Beaini – Light Within a Light

Sary Moussa – Distance

Fadi Tabbal – The New and Improved Guide to Birdwatching Vol.3 (Patricia Wolf Beatless Remix)

TEDTEDTED – Day 21 (Diary of A Revolution)

Jad Atoui – Zikr

Ziad Moukarzel – Questions of Worry

Kinematik – Al-Qulub Al-Mughallafa Bet-Turab La Tankaser   


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